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  • Chinese Festivals: Getting into the festive spirit

    Last Monday, Chinese and non-Chinese alike all over the world came together in celebration for one of China’s oldest festivals; the Mid-Autumn Festival. For those who had ventured down to Chinatown, a spectacular visual display was awaiting them; lanterns laced the sky under the backdrop of the plump moon, whilst street stands were decorated with […]

  • Move aside Apple, its time to make wei for Huawei.

    We’ve all been there, haphazardly leaving our precious smartphone on the edge of a cliff or on the side of a table for it to fall and smash into a thousand pieces before our very eyes. Now, we know that this is highly unlikely on a daily basis, but a mere scratch can so easily […]

  • Shaolin Shenanigans: The Shaolin Cultural Festival 2014

    Calling all UK Shaolin fans!  From the 8th to 10th October, The London Soccerdome will be home to the Third Shaolin Cultural Festival; a week-long event jam-packed with a plethora of breathtaking Shaolin spectacles. Hosted by the Shaolin Association, one can expect the Shaolin Temple Delegation to provide a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience for spectators, with a mix of Shaolin Kung […]