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  • Travel Chinese: Phrases (Part I)

    If you, your family or your friends are going to China this summer, make sure to remember these (19) ‘survival’ Chinese phrases to ensure that stress-free, enjoyable holiday you’ve been waiting for! Phone, check. Wallet, check. Passport, check. Everybody knows that this has become the pre-boarding ritual for whenever we jet off to our long-awaited […]

  • Guanxi – the key to being successful in China

    Here we are again with another post from our business series! Previously we gave you a little taster into the 8 do’s and don’t’s of business etiquette in China, where the concept of ‘guanxi’ was briefly touched upon. But in order to give a clearer perspective, today’s post will be dedicated to understanding the importance […]

  • Eight Great Cuisines of China

    TGIW! To celebrate the middle of the week, today’s post will be the first of our Chinese customs and cuisine series. We will be dishing out a healthy serving of interesting facts on the Eight Great Cuisines of China, also known as the Eight Culinary Traditions.   What are the Eight Great Cuisines of China? […]