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  • Our Top 4 China Destinations

    The sun is out, and the shades are on. But don’t let the good weather trick you to staying put here for the summer! After a gruelling selection process, today we are sharing with you our crème de la crème of holiday hotspots in China. By this we mean places that offer a varied insight into […]

  • Travel Chinese: Phrases (Part I)

    If you, your family or your friends are going to China this summer, make sure to remember these (19) ‘survival’ Chinese phrases to ensure that stress-free, enjoyable holiday you’ve been waiting for! Phone, check. Wallet, check. Passport, check. Everybody knows that this has become the pre-boarding ritual for whenever we jet off to our long-awaited […]

  • Guanxi – the key to being successful in China

    Here we are again with another post from our business series! Previously we gave you a little taster into the 8 do’s and don’t’s of business etiquette in China, where the concept of ‘guanxi’ was briefly touched upon. But in order to give a clearer perspective, today’s post will be dedicated to understanding the importance […]