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  • The Chinese Character Conundrum

    The first time I was introduced to the beauty of Chinese characters I instantly fell in love – or as the Chinese say, it was yijian-zhongqing; ‘love at first sight’. I had never seen anything like it. The way each and every stroke was elegantly juxtaposed together in a seemingly simple and complex manner. Apart […]

  • Back to Basics: VAT in China

    For today’s business post we are giving you an exclusive insight into the basics of dealing with VAT in China.  Understanding VAT can be a tricky business even in your own country, so you can imagine trying to grasp one of the most complex VAT systems in the world causes even the most experienced entrepreneur to cower at […]

  • The sun sits on a Century of Chinese Cinema

    In the hidden concrete midst of Southbank’s cultural centre lies a haven for every foreign film fanatic. This utopia holds no prejudice to either the avid or casual film enthusiast; as long as watching films is a favourite pastime and you love Chinese culture then the BFI’s Century of Chinese Cinema will not disappoint. Today […]