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  • Golden Age of the Ming – Ming: 50 years that changed China Exhibition

    Do you know your Ming from your Tang? Or your Song from your Qing? Well fear not, the British Museum is here to help. This autumn, the British Museum hosts a landmark exhibition that examines one of China’s most significant dynasties – Ming: 50 years that changed China.  Throughout Chinese imperial history, twelve main dynasties […]

  • CVF’s Top Three Chinese Language Courses

    Nowadays, we need only to walk a few steps to our laptop and we have the world at our fingertips – from social media language sites to online learning services, we have never been so lucky to live in a world of convenience.  Rather than leaving your humble abode to discover your nearest language club, […]

  • The Chinese Work Visa: What’s the deal?

    Having seized the opportunity to travel and live in China  over the past few years, like my fellow China-enthusiasts, relocating to work in China in the future was (and still is) my own ‘China Dream’. Now, whilst this common Xi Jinping rhetoric may appear somewhat clichéd, one cannot deny the rapidly growing influx of recent graduates […]