About Us

Why Chinese?

With the rise of China as a major economic force, Chinese is gaining popularity like never before. Below are some reasons why Chinese language is becoming increasingly important these days:

1.  It is the most widely spoken language on Earth.

2. China is becoming a major player in the world’s economy and it is predicted that in some years it will become the world’s biggest economy surpassing the U.S.

3. Mastering Chinese enhances your CV/resume for future employers. Being able to speak Chinese in a working environment certainly gives you a competitive edge.

4.  Chinese language skill is very helpful when doing business in China and it helps build better relations and rapport with your Chinese partners.

5.  Having acquired basic Chinese skills becomes very useful when traveling around China and allows you to interact with Chinese locals.

6.  Knowing Chinese is a gateway to immerse you into one of the oldest and most fascinating cultures in the World and to be able to appreciate its vast cultural heritage.

7.  Learning a foreign language sharpens one’s cognitive development and life skills to cope with fast-changing environment. Learning Chinese that is completely different from the language families spoken in the Western world is simply fun and rewarding.

With these motivations in mind, the business is set up to help non-Chinese-speaking business professionals and small business owners in the UK grow their career and business through learning Chinese and managing Chinese stakeholders. At the same time helps Chinese immigrants in the UK better integrate in the society through support services from our partners and together forms a community that supports each other.

Our Logo. Our Philosophy.

  • The pattern sits in the middle of the logo is a Chinese character in Traditional Chinese “華/华/Huá”, which means 华丽 [magnificent;gorgeous] and 华夏/中华 [Cathaysia/China]
  • Viewfinder icon [ + ] symbolises our aim to give you a view of language, culture and business with a Chinese focus.
  • The Chinese character is coloured particularly in purple because it is in Chinese belief that purple represents good fortune, saint and regal authority.

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