Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to facilitating relationships between Chinese and non-Chinese speaking community and businesses. We do this by helping individuals understand and embrace a culture they are not familiar with, so that all interactions are based on our core principles: Integrity(诚恳), Trust(信任)and Evolution(发展). We provide classes and information on key areas of local society such as language, culture, food, arts, and history, while providing a friendly and respectful environment. We arrange activities that will help individuals breathe in the community, as well as socialise with people who share their vision. Through these classes and activities that aim to build trust and understand cultural differences across different nations, we believe everyone can take part in building a sustainable future.


We also believe that it is our mission to promote Chinese culture in Western world. Recently, China’s Song Zuying teamed up with famed pianist Lang Lang and the legendary Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli for a remarkable East Meets West concert in London’s famous Royal Albert Hall, but there are also depths to Chinese theatre, literature and cinema. We think that it is culture that is the foundation of international and interpersonal relations. It helps to display the best that every nation has to offer. This is why we provide promotional support for a number of Chinese-related cultural events in London. In recent months, we promoted such events as: Taiwan Cinefest, HK15 Film Festival, China Visual Festival, London Chinese Independent Film Festival and independent visual installation “My Tiananmen”.


Please contact us should you want us to consider running the promotion for your cultural event.