Award-winning Chinese movies in International Film Festivals

There are over 80 different film awards around the world to recognise achievements in cinema. Some are more well known to the world than the others. The timeline below presents the award-winning Chinese movies in the few popular international Film Festivals (It takes time to load, please be patient!)

 Award Known as
 Berlin International Film Festival Golden Bear   1951, 1978
 Cannes Film Festival Golden Palm  1946
 Venice Film Festival Golden Lion  1932
 Academy Award Oscars  1929

Award-winning Chinese movie in International Film Festival on Dipity.

For Chinese community, there are 6 recognisable film awards as follow. Together with Beijing Student Film Festival, Golden Eagle Awards, Golden Phoenix Awards, Shanghai Film Critics Awards and Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award, they represent a wide range of authentic Chinese films from commercial movie to independent documentary.

 Award Chinese Title
 Golden Rooster Awards  中國金雞奬  China 1981
 Hundred Flower Awards  中國百花奬  China 1962-63, 1980
 Huabiao Awards  中國電影華表奬  China 1957, 1979
 Shanghai International Film Festival (Golden Goblet)  上海國際電影節(金爵奬)  Shanghai 1993
 Hong Kong Film Awards  香港電影金像奬  Hong Kong
 Golden Horse Film Award  台北金馬奬  Taipei 1962



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