University City Savages 大學城野人

“Maybe being powerful means to be fragile.” – Ai Weiwei   This quote came up my mind when I was watching “University City Savages 大學城野人” at the 2nd Chinese Visual Festival in London. It’s such a high impact documentary talking about a forgotten group in South China, I have quoted the part of content from […]

The Artist, the Philosopher and the Warrior

As if there is an unspoken destination for Artist and Philosopher, the term Warrior pop up right away in my search box when I was looking up in Google for Artist and Philosopher like Ai Weiwei. “The Artist, the Philosopher and the Warrior” is actually a book written by Paul Strathern about three of the most celebrated figures of […]

Without GaoKao, can you compete with Rich 2nd generation? 没高考,你拼得过富二代吗?

Today is the 2nd and also last day of the National Higher Education Entrance Examination (known as GaoKao 高考) in China. Like GCSE and SAT, GaoKao is the public exam to rank students for their admission to colleage. However, it is more intense in China than in other developed countries as it is believed to be the only way to […]

War Game 229 – Our 1st meetup in London!

  Thanks to Taiwan Cinefest for organising the Cinema Festival so that our first Chinese Film in London meetup can run smoothly featuring “War Game 229”. The movie set the scene at Juan Cun (眷村), a dwindling military dependents’ villages which is now dismantled, and the story is about dignity and the disappearing culture of […]

From not-too-haunted Dover Castle to the difference of the horror culture between East and West

Thanks to English Heritage for hosting the Great Castle Sleepover event at Dover Castle so that I can organise an exclusive launch party of my site in a small group. Dover Castle was designed by Henry II’s architect ‘Maurice the Engineer’ and built between 1180 and 1185 to welcome and impress distinguished visitors to England– […]