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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (3): Tradition Vs Reality?!

Moon cake Tradition Moon cake (月餅/月饼/yuè bĭng) was believed to be first made as a medium to spread secret messages to overthrow the Mongolian ruler of China in Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). There are different regional variations of moon cake but common fillings include: Lotus seed paste (蓮蓉/莲蓉/lían róng) + salted egg yolks Sweet bean paste (豆沙/dòu shā) + […]

Dim Sum… the best way to learn Chinese

Language is for communication (yes, before one can move on to appreciate the aesthetics of a language). It is always easier to learn a language through “using” it in a social situation, rather than classroom setting. That is why a shop owner in touristy Patong Beach, Phuket, can communicate and negotiate with a potential customer in a good […]