Corporate Training

We offer the following options to help you and your employees learn the language, culture and business whatever your industry and Chinese level, whenever and wherever you want to have the classes.


Group Chinese Class

Chinese Viewfinder provides group lessons and we can send our teachers to your office during lunch hour, in the evening or weekend.


Executive Chinese Private Tutoring

Whether you want to focus on ‘culture’ or ‘business’, we can tailor make our curriculum for you to cover culture or business topics in the modern Chinese context and give you an overview of Asia’s changing environment and current business affairs.


Intensive Individual/Group Chinese Class

In intensive classes held at your company or at our dedicated teaching facilities, you will learn practical Chinese in an immersive environment with a focus on conversational mandarin and daily life. This option is great for expatriates or family members planning to settle into China soon.


Cultural Workshops

Perfect for business owners/professionals going to China for their very first time or expatriates to be settled in China. Chinese Viewfinder offers a range of workshops that can bring a Chinese perspective and understanding to your work and business. Our workshop includes the following elements and we can tailor the program to you based on your need.

  • Differences between Chinese and Western Culture
  • Business Etiquette in China
  • Chinese Dining and Drinking Culture
  • Teambuilding with Dragon Boat training
  • Chinese Tea Ceremony
  • Gift Giving
  • Negotiation with Chinese People
  • … and more

Come and Start your adventure of learning a new language. Contact us for a tailor made training program now.