Chinese Language Courses

With the rise of China as a major economic force, Mandarin is gaining popularity like never before. Do you want to learn Mandarin but have a busy life?

Our Chinese Language Program designed to fit around your agenda. Group classes either on the weekend or in the evening ensures you learn the Chinese you need for your active interactions with Chinese people.

Group Class

Chinese Viewfinder provides group lessons in the weekday evening or weekend so that you can learn and share your progress with like-minded people. In block of 10 weeks per term, classes will be held once a week for at least 1.5 hour each.

Time Commitment

  • Each term consists of 10 hours tuition, 10-week per term with at least 1.5 hour class per week
  • Each student is recommended to spare an addition of 4-5 hours per week on revision

Course Description

Course structure and corresponding level is set below. Homework is set each week and there will be regular informal assessment and an end-of-term exercise towards the end of each of the terms.

Class Size

Class size is between 6 and 12 to allow undivided attention from the trainer.

Private Tutoring

You can choose from our designated or custom curriculum. Our designated curriculum covers language, culture and business topics in the modern Chinese context. Alternatively, we can work together with you and/or your group to create a custom designed curriculum according to you Chinese language needs and goals. Classes can be delivered either face-to-face or online.

To maximise your learning experience, we recommend at least 1.5 hours to 2 hours class per week with 4-5 hours self-study. Intensive tutoring is also available on request. All courses are bought in blocks of 10 classes, based on 1.5-hour class duration.

Course Structure

We provide courses at all levels from elementary to advance. Before having to sign up to any of these levels, we will conduct an assessment with you to gauge your suitable level, recommend the best course and work out a suitable study plan with you.


Our curriculum is also brought into line with both the new HSK levels and European CEF levels, in order to introduce you to real-life Chinese faster than you thought possible. The first 3 levels consist of two terms, each with 10-15 hours classes (i.e. 1-1.5 hours per week for 10 weeks in each term).

CEF Level HSK Level Chinese Viewfinder Level
A1 (elementary) Level 1 Beginner
A2 (lower intermediate) Level 2 Lower Intermediate
B1 (intermediate) Level 3 Intermediate
B2 (upper-intermediate) Level 4 Upper Intermediate
C1 (advanced) Level 5 Advanced
C2 (near native-speaker) Level 6 Continuous Self-studying

For detailed learning outcomes after each level, find out more at Course Level and Learning Outcome.

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