Maomee Mandarin Language Club

What is Maomee Mandarin? MaomeeM

Maomee Mandarin is a new project set up by Chinese Viewfinder, where children aged 4-11 can come together and learn Mandarin Chinese.

Several Maomee Mandarin clubs will be established within local communities and set up as an after-school club in primary schools.

What will you learn?

Through an interactive and fun learning environment, our teachers will introduce children to the Chinese language from a beginner’s level.

We will primarily focus on spoken communication (speaking and listening), but reading and writing is still incorporated into the curriculum.

Story-telling, games, quizzes, role-play and other inventive activities will be used as the core teaching material. Various multimedia resources are also at hand to maintain diversity.

Why choose Maomee Mandarin?

– First and foremost, your child will be immersed in a different culture and develop a worldly perspective on life!

– Our three core values (Interactivity, Passion and Fun) will help your child not only rapidly progress in Chinese, but build greater confidence and enthusiasm at every stage of their learning.

– Monthly reviews, quizzes and other competitive games are great incentives that will spur your child to want to progress and stay focused throughout the course.

– Learning Chinese need not be synonymous with long periods of textbook-heavy studying. At Maomee Mandarin we break away from this approach to provide a more accessible gateway to a new learning experience.

If you would like further information please visit our Maomee Mandarin website: