Firework Frenzy: Top Five Facts

Blog extra_BF  2Did you know China is the birthplace of fireworks?

Or that they only reached Europe in the 13th century?


In the spirit of Bonfire night, we list our top five firework facts!


1. The earliest documentary evidence of fireworks dates from around AD 700 in China but there is evidence that primitive Chinese firecrackers go back to around 200 BC.


2. The importance of ‘fireworks’ in Chinese culture stems from ancient Chinese New Year celebrations. In order to scare away the evil spirit called Nian, people would throw bamboo onto a bonfire during the Lunar New Year period. Later on the tradition of ‘bursting bamboo’ found its place in other special occasions to symbolise happiness and prosperity.


3. Gunpowder was invented in China and used for both fireworks and weapons in the ninth century. BLOGChinese_rocket


4. Fireworks reached Europe in 1292 when Marco Polo brought them from China.


5. China still makes about 90 per cent of the world’s fireworks.

Remember to stay safe and enjoy the night!


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