Chinese Viewfinder help fight malaria

Yesterday we were at Corelli College in South East London to fight malaria!

We were selling crepes, doing face-painting but also selling personalised Chinese calligraphy to raise fund to buy malaria nets to families in Africa, a project initiated by JCI (Junior Chamber International) London to Tamale in Ghana. During lunch break, we were the only stall having warm food, and hence, many of the other stall holders came to try our authentic French crepes! Face- painting was also very popular, with “Hello Kitty” being the number 1 on the list. Chinese calligraphy also did well, we even had a family of 8 asking for their names to be written in Chinese calligraphy!

An anecdote of the day, there was a little girl that liked so much the crepes, she came 3 times to order some. The 3rd time we were running out of cheese and she wanted a cheese crepe. That didn’t stop her; she went with her mother to buy cheddar cheese and bring it to us so that we could cook her a cheese crepe!!! What an example of determination!!! Many thanks for Alice, Sha, Alex and Rafael for your help! It was a great day and we managed to fund raise for £115 that will be used to save 20 families in Africa from malaria!

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