Nicholas Tse who Chinese entrepreneur started out as an artist

I think not many non-Chinese would have heard of Nicholas Tse, but I like him back in my University days when my boyfriend at that time sent me the song below…

“不要刻意改變 – Do not change deliberately”


原諒我 不會為誰人作出改變  Forgive me that I won't change for anybody
願妳可接受我倔強相當的臉    May you accept my really stubborn face (attitude)
若我只算合格的並處於底線    If I am considered to be marginally qualified for you
唯願妳另尋覓更佳的愛戀      I wish you can find a better love


^最真的我 來配最真的妳     My most honest self, to match with the most truly you
人若是切實 恕我從未懂演戲  If one is earnest enough, one'll forgive me that I never know how to act
最真的我 和妳談情無戒備    My most truly self fall in love with you without defense
難道妳未明白我想跟妳一起    Do you not understand that I want to be with you


^ #而愛得真心 叫世界目光也豔羨 #  True Love let the world envy
並請不要去為誰擅作改變       and please do not change deliberately for anybody
(實在不需要去為誰擅作改變)  (Really do not change deliberately for anybody)
(多)好亦有缺點              Even nicest people have their own shortcomings
不需特意改善 誰個也別要刻意改變  No need to improve specially; No one should change deliberately
(而妳也別要因我改變)        (And you also need not to change because of me)


明白我 不太願意別了 真的我  Please understand that I don't want to abandon my truly self
但我知妳是我極愛戀的一個     But I know you are my loving one
在最甘與及最苦挽手走過       Going hand in hand in the sweetest and the bitterest days
無奈我自承認缺點真太多       I cannot help but admit that I have many shortcomings...

Repeat ^ #

I think it’s a really lovely song and I’d like to share it with my loved one! I hope it’s relevant to you and your loved one too!

While Nicholas’s parents is actor and actress themselves, Nicholas Tse 謝霆鋒 started his entertainment career early at his age of 17. Now, he is an award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, actor and entrepreneur. Since Nicholas shifted his focus to the China market from 2004, I lost track of his work until I saw this interview of his with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) on YouTube.

Nicholas as an Entrepreneur

His interview with HKUST

You may find it long (1h23m) but it’s worth the time! You’ll be amazed how he transformed from an Artist to an Entrepreneur!

Nicholas as a Singer

Another Music Video of Nicholas. This full-length Fairwood (HK based Fast Food chain) advertisement was first broadcasted on TV in the fall of 1997. The creation of this TV ad reflected a courage to rebel and anti-authority spirit which is quite rare in advertisement in Hong Kong these days.

“無聲仿有聲(大快活廣告)﹣ Fairwood Advertisement”

只要有共鳴  無聲亦動聽


而這次 叫妳真的驚訝
最美亦最真 卻像似假
而妳說妳快樂而害怕 妳不信任愛嗎

#和情人深深一吻 來代替講話 好嗎
和情人緊緊擁抱 來代替講話 好嗎
妳快樂 眼淚想灑了 而不准你灑
我在旁 請不要害怕#

仍欠語句 唇邊輕掛
給些信心 好嗎
而我說我會來付代價 我心痛 但妳聽到嗎

Repeat # 凝神凝望 妳這串淚時 我發覺 我已完全會意 而無用妳的啟齒 Repeat #

and he won the Best Selling Chinese artist at 2002 World Music Award too!

Nicholas as an Actor

Short video of “The Stool Pigeon” (2010) – the movie that allowed Nicholas to win the Best Actor at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Despite all the gossips about his family, I find him an ambitious and talented artist and I wish him all the best in his career and family lives!

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