The myth of Joy King (醉瓊)- Part 1 of 2

myth of joy king 1Once upon a time, there is a kingdom called Joy King (醉瓊-Drunken Jade). It is a small place by the sea with great landscape.

The place is named after its well-known Drunken style which people around the world go and experience throughout the year. Citizens in Joy King are happy with their lives and welcome foreigners to learn their style.

One day, the ruler of the kingdom thinks of a great idea: to increase the influence of Joy King by exporting the Drunken style to her neighbour, Fairyland of the Oriented where it is relatively bigger in size and population. Once the ruler had a brief discussion with the ruler of the Fairyland, Joy King started sending ambassadors to the Fairyland to promote the Drunken style.

The promotion has been a great success. More citizens from the Fairyland start to be aware of the place by words of mouth and it becomes a trend to rush to Joy King whenever there is a break.

With more and more visitors and investments from the Fairyland, there should be an increase in people learning the style. On the contrary, citizens in Joy King get too busy hosting their guests, and less and less citizens of Joy King practised the Drunken style.

50 years later, nobody from Joy King can practise the Drunken style and Joy King is no longer attractive to foreigners.

So, what went wrong?

… To be continued…

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