The myth of Joy King (醉瓊)- Part 2 of 2

myth of joy king 2 - 1

…Continue on Part 1: The Drunken style is in risk of extinction!

It’s better late than never. Ruler of Joy King finally realises the problem and decides to offer big reward to whoever finds out the root cause and comes up with a solution. Since then, there are all sorts of talent, from Feng Shui master to Qigong master, go to the ruler every day yet nobody manages to dig out the root cause.

One day, a vagrant who has travelled around the world arrives Joy King and hears about the reward, so he decides to take up the challenge and goes straight to the ruler.

“It’s the LANGUAGE, stupid!” the vagrant said.

“What?!” said the ruler.

The vagrant continued, “Don’t you know Joy King people speak Cantonese while people from the Fairyland of Oriented speak Mandarin?”

“You have been using the wrong way to promote your Kingdom! By relying on your ambassadors to spread the messages by words of mouth, people from the Fairyland have misunderstood that Joy King is the Kingdom of the Poorest instead of the Kingdom of Drunken Jake!”

“The pronunciation of Joy King (Drunken Jade) in Mandarin is exactly the same as the Poorest. And that’s why people from the Fairyland all come and spend $$$ here!”

Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese Mandarin Pinyin Meaning
醉瓊 醉琼 Zuì qióng Drunken Jade
最窮 最穷 Zuì qióng The Poorest

“I am sorry that it takes you 50 years to figure it out…… I happened to practise a bit of Drunken style when I was young, why don’t you give me your Kingdom altogether and I help you get your citizens wasted?!”


– The End –

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