Travel Chinese: Phrases (Part II)

If you, your family or your friends are going to China this summer, make sure to remember these essential Chinese phrases to ensure that stress-free, enjoyable holiday you’ve been waiting for!

Phone, check. Wallet, check. Passport, check. Travel Phrases pt1, check.

Previously we gave you an insight into a few basic phrases….(if you need a recap click here:

In today’s post we will continue to build up our inventory of important Chinese travel phrases, essential for any adventure to the Far East.

Everyone knows that China, particularly Beijing, is  a shopping spree ‘Shangri-la’ for all things cheap and plentiful. But where are the hotspots and how to get there?

Well fear not, as this week we will be devoting our attention to asking for directions and shopping phrases in Chinese.
Useful Nouns:

Train station – 火车站 – Huǒchē zhàn (Huowh cheuh zhan)

Airport – 机场 – Jīchǎng (Jee chang)

Bus station – 公共汽车站 – Gōnggòng qìchē zhàn (Gong gong chee cheuh zhan)

Bank – 银行 – Yínháng (Yin hang)

The three big shopping markets in Beijing:

Yashow Shopping Market -雅秀市场 – Yǎxiù shìchǎng (Ya xiu sheuh chang)

Silk Market – 秀水街- Xiùshuǐ jiē (Xiu shway jieh)

Pearl Market – 红桥市场 – Hóng qiáo shìchǎng (Hong cheeaow sheuh chang)


PHRASE Characters Pinyin Pronunciation



How do I get to _____ ?
zěnme qù ___?
怎么去 Zěnme qù [Zen muh chu]
Turn left. 左拐 zuǒguǎi
左拐 zuǒguǎi  [Zwoh gwai]
Turn right. 右拐 yòuguăi  右拐 Yòuguăi  [Yo gwai]
Go straight一直走 yìzhízŏu  一直走 Yìzhízŏu  [Yi zhir zowh]
left 左边 zuǒbiān 左边 Zuǒbiān [Zwoh bee-en]
right 右边 yòubiān 右边 Yòubiān [Yo bee-en]
north 北 bĕi Bĕi [Bey]
south 南 nán Nán [Nan]
east 东 dōng Dōng [Dong]
west 西 xī 西 Xtī [Shee]
Take me to _____, please. 请开到_____。
qǐng kāidào _____。
(In a taxi)
请开到 Qǐng kāidào [Ching kai daow]



How much is it?
Zhe ge duō-shǎo qián?
这个多少钱 Zhe ge duō-shǎo qián [Zheuh geh dwoh shouw chee-en]
That’s too expensive. 太贵了
tài guì le
太贵了 Tài guì le [Thai gway leh]
Would you take _____ RMB? _____ 元可以吗?
____ yuán kěyǐ ma?
元- Chinese RMB
可以 – can you
Yuán kěyǐ ma? [You-en keh yee ma]

Guì [Gway]
便宜 piányi [Pee-en yee]
I don’t want it.
wǒ bù yào
我不要 wǒ bù yào [Wuawh bu yaow]
I’m not interested. 


wǒ méiyǒu xìngqù

我没有兴趣 Wǒ méiyǒu xìngqù [Wuawh mey yo xhing chu]
I want to buy this; I’ll take this.


wǒ yào mǎi zhège

我要买这个 Wǒ yào mǎi zhège [Wuawh yaow mai zheuh/zhay guh]
I need/want… 我要_____

wǒ yào _____

我要 Wǒ yào [Wuawh yaow]


 A couple of minutes of revision before you jet off to China will surely make a difference!

Come and join us next week for an exciting snapshot of China’s rich cultural heritage.

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